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- Season 3, June 2024-

Mind Body Approach to Growth

Trauma-Informed Growth
What is Trauma-Informed Growth? ​

Growth is the human's natural disposition. Growth offers us a sense of achievement, satisfaction, expanded horizons, increased opportunity, expanded networks, as well as access to activities we enjoy most, like learning. 

When growth is impeded by past complex-trauma (aka Chronic Stress) that can later appear as Complex Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (C-PTSD), growth gets displaced by things like: 


  • busyness that keeps us in circles

  • constant change as we become addicted to 'greener pastures'

  • stuckness met with enormous effort that over time, makes us feel trapped in said stuckness so we slowly come to a standstill, or we...

  • force growth fuelled by anxiety, and fear, as we wrestle with Imposter Syndrome numbing it all with addiction.  


Where there is Complex-PTSD, there is suppression of feeling.  In that place we prioritise action over emotion and feeling. For some of us, we are channelling all of our self into work at the expense of other areas of life.

We do this until we can no longer ignore the inner conflict stirring within us bringing ever increasing states of dis-ease and dysfunction in mind, body, and emotion.

Trauma-Informed Growth prioritises body-brain-mind and business, as we return ourself to the version of Growth that brings a sense of achievement, satisfaction, expanded network, and bigger horizons across all areas of life, including work.


The Trauma-Informed Growth Podcast explores the topics of Complex Trauma, C-PTSD, and Post-Traumatic Growth from a business-lens.  We share Stories, Case-Studies, How-To and go deep into the 5Ws sharing ways to repair, recover and regulate mind, brain, body and business. 

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